Diwali is a festival of lights and it is India’s biggest and most important holiday of the year. It is also one of the main celebrations at the Edwardian Care Home. This year care home went above and beyond with celebrating Diwali.

There was a huge variety of food, and the whole home was decorated with lots of lights, colours, and balloons. Some of the care home staff and residents wore authentic Indian clothes on the day of Diwali Celebration.

The build-up of the celebration was making sure everyone understand what Diwali celebration is all about. Residents had few craft sessions where they were making lanterns and colouring rangoli suncatchers. They also listened to Indian music and even practiced some gentle dance moves!

Home Manager May Puthoor said;

‘It is so lovely to see the care home team and residents coming together and making sure the home is ready for Diwali. During the celebration we had loads of food and were all dancing to authentic music. I love how everyone’s got involved and the support we have received from everybody’

Edwardian Care Home offers care for people with mental health issues. For more information, please contact care home manager May Puthoor directly via email edwardian@heritagecarehomes.co.uk