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Heritage Care Homes senior management team have attended ‘Employers Against Domestic Abuse Workshop’ run by Sarah Loftus from Luton All Women’s Centre.

It was a very insightful session which helped managers to identify signs if their female employees are being abused at home. Also helped to understand how we can support them and what part we, as employers, have in making sure our employees are feeling safe at home.

Area Manager Viktorija Stanciukaite had this to say;

‘As a care home group I want to make sure that we look after not only our residents but our team members also, especially women employees who might be victims of domestic abuse. All our managers operate open door policy so their staff can talk to them and seek support or advice if needed. It was a very insightful session which gave knowledge to our managers to recognise signs of domestic abuse, how much do we get involved, whom to refer to and what support employees might need from us’

Workshop takes only 2 hours and it is free of charge for any organisation who would like to attend. You can contact Sarah Loftus or her team by calling 01582 416 783, email or visit their website