Here at Victoriana Care Home, we love to involve residents into meaningful activities. Sometimes it is not just bingo or flower arrangement activities that interest our residents.

Recently we have had arranged a Fire Warden Trainings for our team members. Face to face trainings are very important part of our team development and this way we can help our team members to enhance their knowledge and make sure that everyone knows what to do in the event of emergency.

Fire Warden Safety Training

Since we have had a space available to our training class, we have offered one of our residents James to attend the class. He is always the first to attend the fire panel during our weekly fire alarm testing, so for James to take part in the training sounded like a very good idea. He was up to this offer and was very eager to start the training on that day.

Fire Warden James

James attended both theory and practical parts of the trainings and he said to us:

‘this training was so informative, and I’ve learned so many things! I cannot wait to receive my training certificate so I can proudly show it to everybody’.

During the practical part, James had an opportunity to use the fire extinguisher, which gave him more confidence in case e would have to use the fire extinguisher in an emergency.

Home Manager Inesa said ‘It was really nice to see James enjoying himself during the training. He took notes and paid attention to what was being said. He also thanked the staff for letting him attend the training and he thought the day was well spent. Our plan is definitely to focus on more meaningful activities for our residents’.

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