There is nothing more heart-warming than seeing a human interaction with animals. Most care homes take pride in organising regular visits by various pets, however here at Georgiana we have our very own Pets Corner! Two guinea pigs Bessie and BB, two cats Malcomb and Luther and a fish tank that keeps the team and residents entertained for hours.

Guinea Pig Bessie loved being center of attention

Guinea Pigs Bessie and BB have lived with us since they were 5 weeks old and more than a year later, they are still a huge part of Georgiana’s family. They are truly loved by the residents and spoilt by the whole team. Originally the team thought they were sisters, so they named them Bessie and Betty. However, one morning the team member had a surprise of finding 2 babies in their hutch, so very quickly Betty became Boris and now he is called BB. According to Activities Coordinator Susi ‘Bessie and BB love sitting on residents’ laps and do not like to be put back into their carry case. The smile on the residents faces when Bessie and BB enter the room is just golden’

Guinea Pigs Bessie & BB

Two black cats Malcomb and Luther have moved into Georgiana Care home 12 years ago together with their owners. Sadly their owners had passed away since then, but cats were already part of Georgiana’s daily life, so at the request of other residents they remained at the care home by doing what most cats do – find a comfortable seat and sleep. Home Manager Tope said ‘You usually find them on a resident’s lap or on the back of a chair that resident is sitting in. They treat Malcomb and Luther as their pets and feel comforted when both cats are in the lounge. It is an unusual relationship, but there is something very warming about it’

Pet Friendly Care Home
Malcomb can often be seen around the home relaxing

Some residents who do not wish to join in the group activity, we have a fish tank that needs looking after. Daily feeding or just watchin the fish is a time well spent for anyone. Jean, the care home resident said ‘I usually sit near the fish tank and I just love watching them, it is so peaceful and makes me feel relaxed and at ease’

Georgiana Care Home also became a member of a Cinnamon Trust which is a National charity organisation for the elderly and their pets. This organisation helps us to make sure our pets are well looked after. For more information about what they do and how they can help you if you have a pet, please visit